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Hudson Valley T'ai Chi
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Laoshi's Art for Sale


This is some of my artwork . I have colour pencil drawings in private homes around the country I also exhibit in galleries and business . My drawings are on display currently at the Upfront Gallery in Port Jervis NY

           This is a colour pencil drawing 

                       of Marrakesh 

                    currently selling at 


                     matted and framed


This is a Colour Pencil Drawing

it is of the inside of Ronnie I's
Clifton Music one
of the best Doo Wop
Shops around
I took the picture before 
the doors closed for good
Framed and Matted


Colour Pencil Drawing
Passaic Falls 
Paterson NJ
Private collection 
in Montclair NJ


This is Colour Pencil on Vellum

Its is framed and Matted 
Scenes from The Italian Riviera


Call 845-915-6968
For details on a purchase
Viewing times
and upcoming shows

Colour Pencil on Vellum 
Scenes from NYC
Framed and matted 


Nothing  more relaxing 

ten the calm of the bay
the boats in stillness
the sunsets and the day
Colour Pencil on Vellum
Framed and Matted


I call this one
" The Dangling Conversation"
Memories of long ago
another time another place
color pencil on Vellum Matted and Framed


Below is a drawing

of one of my favorite spots 
down the shore
the old Wildwood Diner
gone but not forgotten
Colour Pencil on Vellum


Hudson Valley T'ai Chi 
In Port Jervis NY
and Milford PA