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Hudson Valley T'ai Chi
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About Us

Movements in harmony and balance


Our Philosophy

At Hudson Valley T'ai Chi we strive to instill the true concept of T'ai Chi.
Hudson Valley T'ai Chi has been affiliated with Glenn Finke's Karate-Do Center for over 12 years. And now has crossed the Delaware river to the west to bring T'ai Chi to the Delaware Valley.
Yang Style T'ai Chi Chuan is taught along with T'ai Chi Short Staff, T'ai Chi Sword,  Walking Stick,  and Qigong. Instruction is done by Laoshi Joseph Petrosi. He is a member of the  Yang Style T'ai Chi Chuan Association the American T'ai Chi Association and the World Taiji Boxing Association, and is a certified Inner Dan Arts Qigong Instructor.

Watch this space for updates on 
Tai Chi Classes 

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