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Hudson Valley T'ai Chi Copy
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News from the dojo


Hudson Valley T'ai Chi would like to welcome the new students to the school.
If you stop in for a visit mention this web site for a month free lessons.
Sign up for classes and receive a Hudson Valley T'ai Chi henley shirt.

Pictured below is my daughter Samantha
she is a great T'ai Chi and Karate  student with alot
of potential
I want to thank her for the great demonstration
of T'ai Chi Short Staff she put on



Here are Joseph and Samantha together
with their Staff's after completing their demonstration
I am very proud of them both
and I love them both
They are my pride and joy



My thanks to the Traditional Karate-Do
For giving me the Instructor of the Year Award for 2001



Pictured here is my son Joesph
he also is a great T'ai Chi and Karate student
I would also like to thank him for the
great demonstration he put on with the
T'ai Chi Short Staff



Hudson Valley T'ai Chi 63 Wheeler Ave Warwick NY.
at the Traditional Karate-Do Center